Thursday, 7 June 2012


So finally after my 3rd boob (as I call it) it finally going....  YAY!!!  After having a drain put in Monday week ago, then having it removed Thursday as it was super painful and making me nauseated.  That then left me with a hole under my arm which slowly leaked.  It was gross!  Now the hole has sealed up , the pain is fading and all that is left is a ball of scar tissue.

Today Tonight came out and did an interview with me about my complications and illness of my ruptured implants and with regard to the company not giving two hoots about the fact their product has done this to me.

Friday, I got my new tattoo I have been wanting for a long time.  All my tattoos have a meaning behind them.  This one resembles the rosary beads that my mum hung in my room from the day I was born as a protection from evil spirits. I may only go to church on special events but I still have a belief.

Sadly yesterday my Great Grandmother passed away in her sleep during the night.  It is a very rare way to pass away these days.  She had no cancer or diseases.  She was just 96 years old and it was her time to join the love of her life "Sal" Great Pop and her daughter Beverly.  Old Nan showed me that marriage is for life and true love never dies.  My great pop passed away 57years ago and she raised 4 boys out in the country by herself.  She had a friend who once tried to hold her hand and she slapped him and yelled at him "how dare you disrespect my marriage to Sal".  It took 2 years for her to talk to him again.

Lastly, last night was weigh in for the 12 week Body Morph.  So I am 1.5 weeks in and 3.8kg down.  Another 6kg to go to reach my goal weight.  Fingers Crossed!!!  I have also lost a fair few centimeters in measurements.