Sunday, 6 November 2011

It's been a lil while....

Well it has been a little while since I have been on here.  Such alot has happened....  I have moved near my parents (aka "The Ghetto"), my weight loss has hit a plateau which is frustrating, I have started a new job also.  Then there is JSK.  He is crawling, cut his first tooth, on solids and being an energetic bundle of happiness.

Now where to start......???

The Move.  I am super happy about the move.  Funny enough it feels quite relaxing here as it's my old stomping grounds during  high school.  This moved has brought quite a few old friends into my life.  It has been great seeing them again.

The Plateau.  Well this weight loss hasn't been happening fast at all.  I have been on a plateau for about a month now.  I am joining the gym this week and I am setting up a mini workout area in my garage.  I will trim and tone by Summer.  I though have realised I am never going to be a size 6-8 again so I cleaned out my wardrobe to save the depression of seeing my beautiful tiny clothes.

The Job.  I am back at an old work place working casual in a super easy role.  I love it.  I work 2 mornings a week.  BLISS!

Well I am off for now.


PS: I am back :)