Monday, 11 July 2011

The 30's change

Well after many thoughts of starting a blog, I have finally made it!  I have had such life changing experiences happen since I turned 30. They do say life begins at 30 or was that 40???  Who knows, mine is at 30.

To start things off with a lil blog about what brought me here.....  On my 30th birthday I stated I was doing alot of life changes, little did I know that I conceived my son that night, according to the doctors.  From just over two weeks after that night my world was completely changed by peeing in a cup and floating a stick in it. After nine months of morning sickness (which is all day and night) severe reflux, many hospital stays and visits and being bed ridden for 3 weeks, baby Jorge arrives.  Just for the recored, who ever said pregnancy is beautiful....hmmm....  I am still searching for that beautiful part.  Anyway back to it,  this was the most amazing day of my life.  I still four months later still tear up looking at the photos of that memorable day in March.  I could talk about his forever but I will not be an obsessive mother on here.

Now I am on a journey of being a new mother, trying to fit back into my old clothes and also taking on a new hobby sewing...... I guess let's see how all this goes.



  1. Welcome to the blog world lovely!

  2. I followed your blog through Jodes' Running in Cute Heels :)